Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thirty-One Fundraiser

My EB friend, Janel, who made Jonah's awesome birthday cake and drove up all the way from Florida to be here for his celebration last year is now also selling Thirty-One products. She has set up a party that will run through February 25th. She gets 25% of all sales and ALL OF THAT will go to Anton's fund.

Running: February 8 - February 25, 1:00 pm EST

Percent of sales: 25%

Where: Click HERE

Details on how to order: 
Follow the link
1.  Download the personalization guide - this will open in a new window, keep it open to refer to for embroidery options
2.  Hit your back button to go back to the shopping page.
3.  Select your Item and add it to your cart
4.  Add your personalization
5.  When you are done shopping click the "checkout" button
6.  Make sure that you DO NOT SHIP TO HOST.
7.  Fill out your shipping information
8.  Review your order and then click the "pay for order" button
9.  Select "credit card payment" from the left hand side of your screen
10.  Complete your payment information making sure to add your total to the total payment amount
11.  click "save" and you are done!

FEBRUARY SPECIAL!  For every $31 you spend can select another item for 31% off! When selecting your 31% off item make sure to select the item who's description says "February Special".



  1. I'm checking out some bags now and will pass this along!

  2. ordered! needed a new skirt for my skirt purse, and got a matching wallet while i was at it :)

  3. I got a new purse and took advantage of the February discount to get a large tote. I'm so excited...I love thirty-one's stuff. Bless you for caring for a child you have never even met! I hope he meets his forever family soon!