Thursday, March 10, 2011

Creative Memories Fundraiser

Joan is offering 20% of her Creative Memories sales from today through March 31st. I love Creative Memories stuff. Their books, papers, organizers, and embellishments are all really high quality, but their tools are the best. If you buy nothing else, get the tape runner and some refills... has revolutionized scrapbooking for me. Bye bye, nasty rubber cement. I'd also recommend the 12 inch trimmer. I'm not artsy, so I have started scrapbooking in a block template sort of style, and I can't cut a straight line to save my life. Love me a ruled trimmer!

When: Today - March 31st

Percent of Sales: 20%

Where: Click HERE

No complicated instructions. If you purchase through the above link, 20% of all sales go to Anton. A little birdie (named Joan, in fact) told me there is a sale this month too! Woot woot!

I wish I could put photos up here for all their wonderful goodies, but whatever format the photos from their website are in, Blogger does not support. Bummer. Just trust me. It's AWESOME stuff.

Happy Shopping!

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