Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pampered Chef Fundraiser

My friend and neighbor Barbara just recently started selling Pampered Chef and as part of her debut, she and her team leader, Julie, are hosting a fundraiser for Anton! I love me some Pampered Chef. I hope you can get some high-quality, guaranteed kitchen goodies (for yourself, friends, and/or family) and help Anton in the process.


Running: February 17 (Today) - February 25

Where: Click HERE

Percent of Sales: 10%, but if orders reach $600, it goes up to 15% plus Barbara will add her 10% commission, totaling 25% donated.

Details: Anything purchased through the above link will help Anton!

Shipping Instructions: Unless you live near me and know my address, please choose "Ship Direct" instead of "Ship to Event." But if you want to ship to me, I'll be glad to keep and use your pretty new trinkets. Thank you. :)

Guest Special: With a purchase of $60 or more, choose one Kitchen Essential FREE. Links to those are HERE, and include the Small Batter Bowl, the Classic Scraper, or the Micro Scraper. 

(If you've ordered already, and didn't choose a free one - cause I didn't have this up and I'm sorry, sad face - you can email Barbara at chickchef (at) msn (dot) com. The orders won't be placed until the fundraiser ends on the 25th, so you can still get your free product!)

Have Fun and please, if you know anyone who loves Pampered Chef (or a certain sweet little baby with eyes that melt your heart into a puddle of butter), help spread the word!


  1. I just placed an order. Might want to mention the difference between "ship to event" and "ship directly". It was a fun supereasy way to raise money for this sweet boy!

  2. Hi, This is Barbara, the consultant (and friend and neighbor!) running the fundraiser. "Ship to Event" means that your products will be shipped to Patrice to distribute. If you are in a position where you see her on a regular basis (church, bandage helper, etc.) , this is a great option; there is a flat $4.50 shipping cost. "Ship direct" means it will come directly to you and shipping varies.

    Also, as part of the fundraiser, you are eligible for the february guest special with any purchase of $60 of products. You will see guest special as one of the shopping categories on the left side of Pampered chef web page. IF you have already placed an order and didn't choose a gift, don't worry. The order will not be "officially" placed until the end of the fundraiser so just email me at to let me know which gift you would like.