Monday, February 28, 2011

Usborne Book Fundraiser

Hey Everyone!

It's Monday, so that means a new fundraiser!!!

Friend and Blog Reader, Kristin, sells Usborne Books and is hosting an online fundraiser for Anton. 15% goes to Anton, but if sales reach $600, it will go up to 17%. Usborne sells high quality, beautifully illustrated, award winning children's books, ranging from infancy to middle school. They market 1,300 titles through a combination of home sales, book fairs, fundraisers, and school and library sales. 

Here are the details.

Running: now through March 18th.

Percent of Sales: 15%; if sales reach $600, it goes up to 17%

Where: Click HERE.

Details: All books are fair game! Just make sure you shop through the above link, and you should be all set.

EXTRA: If anyone books a party (online or in the Winston area) before the end of March by contacting Kristin at redfieldadopt (at) yahoo (dot) com, she will donate a percentage of YOUR party as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at momtobabyjonut (at) gmail (dot) com. 

Happy Shopping!

Note from Kristin: As you are shopping, don't forget to check out the Internet-Only Specials. Right now they have a $40 hardback Encyclopedia of World History for only $20. With every $40 purchase you can select three additional bargains as Customer Specials. Don't miss the See inside Your Body book.

If you need suggestions, I will be glad to help you shop. Books make great Easter gifts, end of the year teacher gifts, and preschool graduation gifts, just to name a few things you may need to buy for!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thirty One Results!

My friend, Janel, who hosted the Thirty One Fundraiser sent me an email earlier today. 


We are so excited that so many of you participated, and we can't thank you enough. You are amazing!

Check back tomorrow for a new fundraising opportunity!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scentsy Fundraiser

A sweet blog reader, Kerry, sells Scentsy products and is conducting a fundraiser for him from now until February 28th!

Scentsy has decorative warmers that heat and smell like a candle, but without the wick and flame. They also sell room sprays, plug-ins, fragrance foams (hand sanitizer), etc. Great for your own home or for gifts!

Running: February 24th - February 28th (Four days only! Hurry!)

Percent of Sales: 25%

Where: Click HERE. Make sure you're shopping under the "Hope for Anton" fundraiser.

(Cute right? He carries a scent pack!!!)

Hope you have a great time shopping for a GREAT cause! Thank you so much Kerry!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

adorable jackets NEW WITH TAGS

T, an Internet friend, and advocate for Anton is selling some NEW WITH TAGS awesomely cute jackets through Ebay, donating ALL of her proceeds to Anton.

The jackets are new, Tulle brand, and are sizes medium or large.

Listing HERE.

Listing HERE.

Listing HERE.

Listing HERE.

All of these listings end on Saturday, February 26th around 4:00pm PST.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Avon Fundraiser

Well, it's Monday, and you know what that means. Another fundraising opportunity.

Jennifer sells Avon and is offering 25% of her sales from February 21st - March 21st to Anton! Thank you so much, Jennifer!


Running: February 21st - March 21st

Percent of Sales: 25%

Where: Click HERE

Follow above link
Register or Sign-in if you already shop Avon
Shop the Online Event for Anton
Enter "ANTON" (all caps) as the promotional code at check-out 

Please make sure you shop through the online event and enter the promotional code at check-out or your purchases won't be credited to Anton.

I use Avon, and I really like their Smooth Minerals Make-up, so much that I got it for my best friend for her birthday and for my sister for Christmas. I also like their facial cleansing products, seeing as how I'm 29 and STILL dealing with acne. I don't want to talk about it. :)

Anyway, make sure you use the link above and click on "online events" and you should be all set. You can email me if you have any questions or contact Jennifer.

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Jennifer, at Living for Grace, is the winner of the Fingerless Gloves. HOORAY!!!

Jennifer, can you email me at momtobabyjonut (at) gmail (dot) com? Thanks!

(And sorry I'm late on this announcement... I've been working my butt off on Jonah's EB Auction stuff.)

Look out for a new fundraiser going up in the morning!

Exclamation Point!

for anton

Even if my father and mother abandon me, the Lord will hold me close.
- Psalm 27:10

Friday, February 18, 2011

baby girl clothes up for grabs!

I'm so excited seeing the bids coming in for the gloves. More fun items coming up in March! Fun times!

A sweet blog reader, Mandy, emailed saying that she was auctioning off her daughter's brand name (Gymboree, Baby Gap, Children's Place etc) baby girl clothes on her Facebook Page. I looked at them. They are so adorable, in really good shape, and are a bargain!!! Best of all, ALL PROCEEDS GO TO ANTON. She's even paying for shipping herself, so every single cent from the clothes can go to sweet Anton.

If you are interested, you can find all the instructions and links HERE. The Facebook Page is HERE but you'll want to go to the other post first to see how it works.

I'm a little late getting this post up (have I mentioned we're knee high in puke and respiratory issues over here?), so some stuff is already gone, but there's still some really cute stuff left!

All of this for Anton is blowing my mind. I seriously write up these posts, my heart pounding, giddy at what God is doing through all of you for this sweet orphan across the world. GOD IS GOOD, Friends.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fingerless Gloves Up For Bid NOW

Hey, guess what? These cute fingerless gloves are UP FOR BID right now! 

Lauren, from Knitting at Lunch, knitted (knit?) these cute gloves to donate for auction, with all money going to Sweet Anton.

This pair of fingerless gloves was handknit in a smoke free, pet free home. Made of 100% cream and gray flecked wool, these are NOT scratchy, but will afford your hands all the natural insulating and warming properties of the fiber. Will stretch to fit most women's hand sizes.
Care instructions: hand wash, lay flat to dry


So here's how this will work. Just bid in the comments. The highest bid will be at the bottom, so scroll to the BOTTOM of the comments to place your bid. I will close comments at 9:00 PM on SUNDAY. Whoever is the winning bidder at 9pm on Sunday wins. Once I officially "announce" the winner, you will pay through the chip-in button on the right sidebar. Once I've confirmed your donation, I'll email you and we'll ship the gloves out! How does that sound?

Valued at $20.

Bidding will start at $7. Go!

Pampered Chef Fundraiser

My friend and neighbor Barbara just recently started selling Pampered Chef and as part of her debut, she and her team leader, Julie, are hosting a fundraiser for Anton! I love me some Pampered Chef. I hope you can get some high-quality, guaranteed kitchen goodies (for yourself, friends, and/or family) and help Anton in the process.


Running: February 17 (Today) - February 25

Where: Click HERE

Percent of Sales: 10%, but if orders reach $600, it goes up to 15% plus Barbara will add her 10% commission, totaling 25% donated.

Details: Anything purchased through the above link will help Anton!

Shipping Instructions: Unless you live near me and know my address, please choose "Ship Direct" instead of "Ship to Event." But if you want to ship to me, I'll be glad to keep and use your pretty new trinkets. Thank you. :)

Guest Special: With a purchase of $60 or more, choose one Kitchen Essential FREE. Links to those are HERE, and include the Small Batter Bowl, the Classic Scraper, or the Micro Scraper. 

(If you've ordered already, and didn't choose a free one - cause I didn't have this up and I'm sorry, sad face - you can email Barbara at chickchef (at) msn (dot) com. The orders won't be placed until the fundraiser ends on the 25th, so you can still get your free product!)

Have Fun and please, if you know anyone who loves Pampered Chef (or a certain sweet little baby with eyes that melt your heart into a puddle of butter), help spread the word!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anton's Button

Make sure you snag the code for Anton's swanky new button from the right sidebar. Thanks to my brother for helping out. Let's get the word out!

New Fundraiser up tomorrow morning!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tastefully Simple Fundraiser

Y'all, I'm excited about this one. A sweet blog reader named Jenni sells Tastefully Simple (soup mixes, bread mixes, gift sets, meal kits, dessert kits, etc.) and is offering to donate her commission (30% of sales) to Anton for all purchases between February 14th (today) and February 28th (two weeks from now). Isn't that awesome??? Please share with anyone you know who might be interested. Let's get this little sweetie home!!!

(Yep, I'm in trouble.)

Running: February 14th - February 28th

Percent of Sales: 30%

Where: Click HERE

No special instructions. As long as you shop and order through the link above, during the specified time period, Jenni's commission goes to Anton's Fund.

Thank you so much, Jenni!

Happy Shopping!!!

(And if you missed out on the Thirty One Fundraiser, and are interested, please click HERE. I've already started my Christmas shopping. Yep, in February! The Thirty One Fundraiser will continue through February 25th, 1:00 pm EST)

Saturday, February 12, 2011


$500! I'll take that for less than a week of fundraising...

And that's NOT including what people are donating through the Reece's Rainbow PayPal Button...

Or the $100 from the Thirty One Fundraiser so far....

Or the $150 I've made from Ebay stuff so far...

Or any of the money we'll raise with our upcoming fundraisers!!!

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. 

Check back Monday for a new fundraising opportunity. It's very tasteful.  :)

And please, share this site on your blog and Facebook and anywhere else you can think of. I think it can be an awesome tool for getting Anton home! Thank you so much!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ebay Listing - Aerosoles Womens Dress Shoes Size 7.5

Aerosoles Womens Dress Shoes. Size 7.5. Dark Brown. Excellent Condition.

All proceeds go to Anton's Fund.

Click HERE for listing.

Ebay Listing - Abercrombie and Fitch Mens Coat Size Large


Abercrombie and Fitch Mens Coat Size Large. Dark Khaki. Great Condition! Matt hardly ever wore it because he's not a "coat guy." Great Coat!

All proceeds go to Anton's Fund.

Click HERE for listing.

thank you!

I've created links on the right hand sidebar for each of Anton's fundraising opportunities. I don't want you to feel like they're getting lost as they move down the page. Please don't forget about the Thirty-One Fundraiser. All the information on how to order is in that post. Just click on the link in my right sidebar to get the details. Also, for the next few weeks, I'll post a new fundraising campaign each Monday and Thursday (but not today since we just started the 31 one). We have some great things lined up. And I'll continue to post my Ebay listings as I find the time to get them listed. I don't know about you guys but between all the great opportunities here and Jonah's EB Auction coming up on the 24th, I may just get my Christmas shopping done way early. I'm all about buying gifts where at least part of the money goes to charity. Katie is running a giveaway over on the Auction Site so don't miss out on that. All the monies from the auction will go to DebRA.

Thanks for joining me here. We're making great strides. Please spread the word as the shopping opportunities arise. It's win-win for everyone!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ebay Listing - Ann Taylor Dress Size 4 New

Ann Taylor Dress. Size 4. New with Tags. Originally $129. Black and White checked. 100% silk.

All proceeds go to Anton's Fund.

Click HERE for the listing.

Ebay Listing - 1 can Nestle/Gerber Good Start Gentle Plus


Listing for 1 can Nestle/Gerber Good Start Gentle Plus powder formula. Expiration April 2011.

All proceeds go to Anton's Fund.

Click HERE for listing.

Ebay Listing - 1 can Similac Alimentum

This listing is for one can of Similac Alimentum. It expires December 2011.

All proceeds will be donated to Anton's Fund.

Click HERE for the listing.

Ebay Listing - 2 cans Similac Alimentum


2 cans Similac Alimentum. Expiration January 2012.

Click HERE for listing.

All proceeds go to Anton's Fund.

Ebay Listing - 8 cans Similac Alimentum

I'll be listing some things on Ebay these next couple weeks to raise money for Anton. I'll donate anything I make. I was going to do that here and have you guys pay through the Chip-In button, but with Ebay I can get more exposure for the item and get the buyer to pay for shipping.

The first listing is for 8 cans of Similac Alimentum. Expiration May 2012.

Click HERE for the listing.

Thirty-One Fundraiser

My EB friend, Janel, who made Jonah's awesome birthday cake and drove up all the way from Florida to be here for his celebration last year is now also selling Thirty-One products. She has set up a party that will run through February 25th. She gets 25% of all sales and ALL OF THAT will go to Anton's fund.

Running: February 8 - February 25, 1:00 pm EST

Percent of sales: 25%

Where: Click HERE

Details on how to order: 
Follow the link
1.  Download the personalization guide - this will open in a new window, keep it open to refer to for embroidery options
2.  Hit your back button to go back to the shopping page.
3.  Select your Item and add it to your cart
4.  Add your personalization
5.  When you are done shopping click the "checkout" button
6.  Make sure that you DO NOT SHIP TO HOST.
7.  Fill out your shipping information
8.  Review your order and then click the "pay for order" button
9.  Select "credit card payment" from the left hand side of your screen
10.  Complete your payment information making sure to add your total to the total payment amount
11.  click "save" and you are done!

FEBRUARY SPECIAL!  For every $31 you spend can select another item for 31% off! When selecting your 31% off item make sure to select the item who's description says "February Special".


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

it's GO time!

Thanks to my brother for the beautiful header. Can you even believe his eyes (Anton's, not Peyton's)? How can you not fall in love with this kid? Some exciting things are on the horizon as far as fundraising goes, and I'll hopefully be able to post about that tomorrow. I'll give you a hint, it comes after Thirty. :)

Thanks for joining me here, friends. LET'S DO THIS!