Monday, March 14, 2011

Willow House Fundraiser

Hi folks! Another Monday, another fundraiser for sweet Anton!

This time, it's through Willow House. Shelly is donating all of her commission from sales from today through March 28th to Anton's adoption fund.

From the Willow House site: 
"Think about the end of a long day: You juggle grocery bags and step into your home.

Immediately, you feel better. The air smells fresh, with a hint of herbs and flowers. There’s a designated place to rest your bags, a bowl for your keys, a tray for mail waiting to be sorted. You’re surrounded by pretty colors and fresh flowers. You’ve hardly taken a step, but your day is already so much better. That’s the feeling we strive for with every Willow House product. Each product is designed to function for your needs, complementing pieces you already know and love."

Running: March 14th - March 28th
Percent of Sales: 20%
Where: Click HERE
1. Click on the "Hope for Anton" tab under "My Features" on the top right-hand side. 
2. Follow instructions on how to code purchase for Anton.
They have beautiful products from Dining and Entertaining to Kitchen and Food to Decorating and Accessories to Outdoor Living. 

I hope you can all find something beautiful for your homes (or for Easter/Mother's Day/Spring is Coming WOOHOO gifts) and think of sweet Anton every time you see it.

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