Thursday, August 4, 2011

Starbucks Coffe FOUR

Up for Bid:

2 one pound packages of Starbucks whole bean Coffee.

Bag 1: Guatemala Antigua, Medium flavor, Subtle Cocoa, Soft Spice, Valued at $13.95.
(Maximum Freshness until: November 12, 2011)

From the website: These agricultural lands are famous for their passion and tradition, for exemplifying the best qualities of their respective beverages.This lush part of southern Guatemala is nestled among three volcanoes. The high altitude and loamy soil create conditions that are nearly ideal for coffee growers and coffee lovers alike.

And love this coffee we do. It’s an elegant affair: refined in its acidity, identified by the pedigree of its gentle spice flavors and subtle cocoa-like texture.
Bag 2: Guatemala Casi Cielo, Elegant, floral, satisfying cocoa finish 
(Maximum Freshness until: July 23, 2011)
From the website: And while you’ve never had to go that far to experience this ineffably rich coffee, there was a time when you could only enjoy it in some of the country’s most exclusive restaurants. You see, we originally developed this coffee to be the ultimate “fine-dining” experience, working with the chefs at Seattle’s legendary Canlis restaurant. Together, we created a remarkable coffee with a depth and versatility perfect for a variety of gourmet entrees and desserts – particularly those with savory herbs or cheeses, rich chocolate or berries. For years, we limited this coffee to just a few, choice establishments. But the clamor for Guatemala Casi Cielo® was so relentless, and the coffee so good, that eventually we capitulated; we had to share it. So, for a short time every year, we make this culinary masterpiece available for your own special occasions at home – no reservations required. (I'm throwing this one in for free because technically it's past "for fresh roasted flavor, enjoy before" date, but it's never been opened. Valued originally at $12.95.)

Please bid in the comments. Top comment should be the highest bid. Bidding will end Monday, August 8th at 10:00 pm. Any bids marked after 9:59pm will not be counted. 

Bidding will start at $4.50.

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